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From : Office of the Registrar

 To : The Postgraduate Students 


First, let me thank you for your support, and understanding as you all responded to the unexpected invasion of COVID-19, since March till date. We are proud of the way our students handled the demands we were faced with to protect everyone as we were forced to a lock-down; it’s very unfortunate though. As you know, we were finally able to round up the undergraduate program last month and now, we are granted the approval to carry on with the postgraduate study program. The interruption of the postgraduate classes is due to the lockdown decree that was imposed early march, leaving little time for the management to prepare and communicate with the students. The lockdown on course and study scheduling has been devastating. Lecturers were unable to submit their materials, and sometimes unreachable. The online alternative was totally unsuccessful due to some technical problems that have been finally solved, just recently. The main effect is the disruption of the academic calendar which simply means that we are now off-track as far as the academic year is concerned. This dysfunction, being independent of our will, has been addressed yesterday during our academic retreat whereby the Vice-chancellor approved the following plans to enable our students to complete their study in better conditions...

kindly find the attached file for more information